Finally passed, this website's domain name has officially passed the national domain name information record.

?I came back in the afternoon, turned on the computer, went online, logged into my email, and saw the following content:
Notice Regarding the Approval of ICP Filing Application
Dear user [XXX]: Your ICP filing application has been approved, and the filing/license number is:
Su ICP Bei 08118593, approved on December 15, 2008.

Sent on: Monday, December 15, 2008 15:23:50
Finally passed, from December 6th to December 15th, 9 days, not fast but not slow, HOHO no longer needs to worry about their
BLOG attracting too much attention. Feel free to post and leave comments.
Finally, summarizing my personal experience with domain name filing, I hope to share it with everyone.

First, everyone should know where to file, its full name is "Ministry of Industry and Information Technology ICP/IP Address/Domain Name Information Management System" (quite long),
secondly, you need to understand the entire filing process. Online it says, "Even the world's most skilled computer experts don't understand the process of China's domain name filing."
The process diagram for domain name filing is as follows (from)

Confused, right? Actually, I don't understand it either. Just take it step by step. First, register an account, and then you will receive an activation code.
Then, log in again, proceed to the next step, enter the information, and remember to fill in accurate information. Generally, you can fill in the information according to the requirements of your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Major ISPs in China, such as Wanwang and Xinwang, provide free filing services for you. However, if it's not free, ask the customer service. Make sure to fill in the information they provide because the second step is verification by the ISP, and if there are any errors, it may be rejected. If you're unlucky, it may get stuck, and then you'll have to wait, possibly for a very long time. If you pass the first step, the filing center will notify you, and it will enter the provincial filing bureau review stage. Then you can consider waiting, which usually takes a long time and is extended during holidays. Hoho, it took me 9 days, 5 working days. Not bad. Some people online have waited for 19 days, quite unlucky. Of course, if it exceeds 20 days, you can consider sending an email to inquire about the situation. Some people online have complained about poor service attitude, but I have called twice before. Yesterday, no one answered, sorry for disturbing you experts during your rest. However, last Friday, a certain "MM" answered. Personally, I think it was a secretary who answered. It's normal to have a few secretaries in the office. Explain the reason, wait for a minute, and the reply is that it has been sent for review. Let me wait patiently. The whole process didn't have any "service quality issues" (don't misunderstand, smile), very friendly.

To summarize, first, be honest. We are currently dealing with the government, so we should be respectful.
Second, be truthful. Fill in the information accurately, don't even let the ISP who sold you the hosting reject you.
Third, remind them. After all, they have to handle numerous domain name filings. Take the opportunity to give them a call and greet them.
Greet them, but maintain a proper attitude.
Fourth, for those who have read this, please leave a comment or something. After all, typing so many words is not easy.

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