Today, I uploaded the source code of the project, and the CG Sodibi competition officially came to an end.

Today I uploaded the source code of the top 50 project of Sodi competition that I completed last time. I am sharing it with everyone. If anyone has recently learned SSH, you can download and take a look. It can also help CG debug in different environments. If anyone finds any bugs, it would be better to inform CG. I just submitted it to the competition committee yesterday afternoon. Damn, it was just in time. The deadline was before 4 pm yesterday afternoon. Now I am waiting for the results on April 20th. I hope I can make it to the top 50. Keep fighting!

Let me briefly introduce this small project.

As for the functional requirements, everyone can refer to CG's previous blog post. In addition, there is a simple design document provided in the code package, which includes some document explanations that you can refer to. In addition, if CG has time, I will make a simple Eclipse framework tutorial for the entire development process. If anyone still doesn't understand, be sure to pay attention!

Don't underestimate this little thing. Although it is small, it is complete. Such a small thing actually requires the use of three major frameworks, which is very suitable for beginners like CG to learn and use.

Source code download link:

Please indicate the source when reposting the source code: Li Daren's blog

Development environment:
Java: J2EE5
DB: MySql5
Web: Tomcat6
IDE: MyEclipse7
Framework: Struts 1.2 + Hibernate 3

Specific requirements and implementation:

  1. Page A: Display all data in the Student table in tabular form and provide operation functions.

  1. Page B: Provide a form for modifying and adding data.

  1. Page C: Display the grades of students in various subjects in the form of a dialog box.

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