Frustrated, Google AdSense application did not pass the review.

Title: "Frustrated, Google AdSense review did not pass"
Date: "2008-12-10"

  • "blog skills"
  • "google"

This time is really frustrating. I opened my email this morning and once again, the Google AdSense review did not pass. The reason is that the content is not sufficient. Last time it was because of connectivity issues, and the time before that it was because the content did not meet the requirements... This is disappointing. I can only wait for the next time.

Yesterday, I even blocked several articles from laopo. Oh well, I will continue writing and try to make the content more abundant. I'm not worried about not having any ads because recently there is also an IPC filing review. I wonder if the experts can let it pass, otherwise the website won't be able to launch. Oh my, it's not easy.

PS. Tonight at 6 o'clock, I received a domain filing rejection email from The IPC filing did not pass. What bad luck...

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