RQAlpha BUG Issue#219


Hello, RQAlpha Team

RQAlpha is really a effective tool for price back-testing.

I found something wrong when using command `# rqalpha plot someresult.pkl` to plot my back-testing result. It came out a blank window. I tried to solve this problem and found something interesting.

in `rqalpha/rqalpha/mod/rqalpha_mod_sys_analyser/`, line 52-53

portfolio = result_dict["portfolio"]
benchmark_portfolio = result_dict.get("benchmark_portfolio")

print portfolio.index
print benchmark_portfolio.index

by printing portfolio.index and benchmark_portfolio.index , I found an unreasonable difference.


According to says, matplotlib can not plotting when DatetimeIndex is created by pandas > 0.15 .

I found a temporary way to solve this problem. and finally plotting was working functionally.

Use `index.to_pydatetime()` to explicitly convert `DatetimeIndex` type index to Python `Datetime` type.

For example: modify `rqalpha/rqalpha/mod/rqalpha_mod_sys_analyser/`, line 152 `ax.plot(portfolio["unit_net_value"] - 1.0, label=_(u"strategy"), alpha=1, linewidth=2, color=red)` to `ax.plot(index.to_pydatetime(),portfolio["unit_net_value"] - 1.0, label=_(u"strategy"), alpha=1, linewidth=2, color=red)`

Although it is not the best way to solve this problem, I know you can find the best one finally. And I hope these information may help you.


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