Enable Github third-party login function for WeCenter

WeCenter is a knowledge-based social Q&A community program that focuses on organizing, categorizing, and retrieving community content, and distributes it through connecting with WeChat Official Accounts and mobile apps.

Since the website is a technical support community and requires the use of Github's third-party login functionality, the official WeCenter does not support Github's third-party login. Therefore, we decided to develop our own solution. Based on Google's Oauth code, we have implemented the Github third-party login functionality, allowing users to log in to the WeCenter Q&A system using their Github accounts.

Test URL: For the implemented functionality and demonstration, please refer to the attached image.

Modified source code repository: This branch also includes other modifications. For Github-specific modifications, please refer to the following commit record: Your valuable feedback and suggestions are welcome. TODO: 1. Add Github login icons and icons 2. Adjust the binding and unbinding functionality Github-related documentation:

The modified content has been submitted to the official WeCenter community:

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