CG is currently offering Japanese and Java courses in Changshu, Jiangsu. The blog has resumed updating.

A few days ago, due to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's domain name filing review issue with Xirang Hosting, CG's blog was forced to close for a few days. However, everything has now returned to normal, and everyone can now access and use it normally. During this time, CG also took the opportunity to go on a trip. Currently, our school has arranged for us to have an internship and training in another city. However, it's frustrating that the network at the school where CG is training has still not returned to normal. Therefore, I can only update the blog at an internet cafe for now. This is also the first post since the blog was forcibly closed. CG's blog will be redesigned soon, and CG plans to add an English and Japanese blog section, which can be considered as the internationalization of CG's blog. The theme of the blog may also change, so I hope everyone can provide some suggestions.

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