Reply to my first visitor's letter.

Today, for the first time since the establishment of this blog, I received an email from a netizen, inquiring about how to have a blog like mine. The content of the reply is as follows, hoping to be helpful to users who want to have their own independent blogs. If visitors have better ideas or requirements, please leave a message. The website address is a must. I will reply to the message, visit the website, and the email content is as follows:


I'm glad you are interested in my blog. This is the first time I have received a visitor's email since the blog was launched this month.
Regarding how to create your own blog, there are many blog posts online for beginners. In my opinion, the main requirements are as follows:
First, if you want to have your own personality, having your own independent web space is definitely necessary. A domain name is like a person's name. Its function is to find that person. The content of the blog is the person's own. Independent space allows users to have a lot of freedom, as long as it complies with relevant laws of the country, users can freely express themselves without being restricted by blog providers. There are various ways to choose independent space, such as applying for free or purchasing paid virtual hosting, using VPS, or shared servers. The choice mainly depends on your economic and user perspectives. I chose a virtual host with an independent IP, which has a moderate price and more advantages than shared IP hosting. Currently, the main providers in China are Alibaba Cloud and Xirang. I chose Xirang as my host, and it is currently running relatively stable. The most important thing is that if you plan to use WP, you must consider choosing a LINUX host or a windows host that supports PHP extensions.

Regarding blog engines, I have personally used several early ones such as z-blog and Boblog, and now WP. I think you are also considering whether to use WP. Personally, I feel that WP has less freedom than various blog systems I used before, but WP installation is very easy. You can set up a blog you are satisfied with in 5 minutes. At the same time, WP has strong plugin extensibility and is very easy to manage (I like it very much, very user-friendly). Creating a personal blog definitely takes a lot of time. If you want to save effort and ensure the effect and quality of the blog, you can directly choose WP. If you are a person who likes to express yourself, you can consider using Boblog. In addition, WP has the richest theme resources and is easy to install, which is very good for bloggers with strict page requirements.

Regarding the web technologies that individuals should understand and master, first of all, you must have some understanding of XHTML and CSS for creating a personal blog. Secondly, you need to understand some dynamic languages such as ASP and PHP. Although most personal blog systems provide a log editing system that can produce a good log layout, it is necessary to independently write some code to make the blog personalized enough. Otherwise, you will have to search for various plugins you need on the Internet. Also, if you need it, I am willing to help with your blog.

Regarding the content, I personally believe that a blog should have the spirit of the blogger's independent writing. I do not recommend excessive reposting or direct plagiarism of content. Independent writing allows users to understand the author's true intentions and feelings better, which is also the essence of a blog. Regarding visitor sources, there are many articles on the internet about increasing website traffic. You can search for them yourself.
Finally, if you have other technical details or any other questions in the future, you can directly email me. I will be very happy to provide the help you need.

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