The good news from Google, my blog is finally indexed.

This article is not related to technology, it is purely a personal log. Interested friends can take a look.

Tonight, out of habit, I entered and then It's amazing that my blog is actually indexed. It's the 6th day since I logged in (submitted on the 6th of this month) and it's the first time I've seen the lovely Google search results. Happy! Then I switched to and continued with The result was nothing. Now I'm frustrated. In the past, my blog would usually be indexed after logging in to Baidu once, even without any agreement, there would be 200 indexed pages. Baidu is not very cooperative, it seems like I still need SEO. Anyway, with Google, Baidu will catch up soon, right?

LP also wrote a blog post, all in English. Finally, he is willing to truly learn. Those of you who are good at English can give it a try and evaluate it. LP can't say my evaluation is unfair.

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