Based on EXTJS+ASP web desktop application

The training of CG at IBM-ETP has entered the second phase. Today, we are going to release a small application that CG made based on EXTJS a few days ago. It is a question and answer system for students, aiming to facilitate communication and problem-solving among students during teaching and assignments. At the same time, a simple instant messaging chat tool has been added for real-time communication.

The system design is also very simple, mainly including: A question and publishing system, which is similar to a simplified version of Baidu Zhidao (a Chinese question and answer website), and B online instant messaging system, similar to QQ group chat function.

Extjs is used for the user interface. Due to time constraints, in order to reduce the debugging time of JavaScript, the Iframe method is used to implement the display of the page. CG is also a beginner in EXTJS, so any expert guidance is welcome.

Beta version source code download link:


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