[Evidence] Please stop crawling and indexing my website

Hello there,

Thanks for your attention on my mail, Something very important needs to let you know. First, a very useful tool for users to subscribe what they really want, Congrats for the work!

I'm trying to analyze the accesslogs of my blog (, but i get something strange, there are too many anonymous spider/crawler accessing, and IPs seems like from similar source hosts. By tracing those IPs,I found that some of those IPs probably came from your spider/crawler.

And, I found some post contents of my blog were indexed by and can be directly searched out via Google, eg.

It is a good news for my blog subscribers using, but a bad news for me and my blog. In the past years, I wrote my blog posts (400+) and did a lot of SEO jobs on my blog (1000+ indexed). For a long time, Its Google indexing and external links are health and incomes my blog many visitors, But recently, visitors are decreasing, According to the search results of Google, seems hijacking my blog and my visitors were redirected to

According to Google's law, page ranking is based on PR value, is higher than mine. Thus, all things you have done unintentionally were seems harmful to my blog and its visitors. I am sorry because bad things was happened, All we have to do is trying to stop and resuming.

Doing these things blow may working and helpful. 1. STOP crawling my blog, and STOP indexing my blog posts; 2. DELETE all indexed blog posts including links, images, etc.; 3. Permanently redirect all indexed posts to theirs origin if is possible.

Thanks for the response.


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