The translation of the given text to English language is: The basic localization of this blog theme has been successful. Welcome to test and provide feedback.

Yesterday I sent an email to my older brother introducing my blog, and his reply was as follows:

"There is too much English, I can't understand it basically. I wanted to leave you a message, but couldn't find a place to do so."

This morning, when I woke up, I was determined to fully translate the theme into Chinese. The theme of the blog comes from a very classic German author named Brian Gardner. If anyone likes this theme, they can download and use it. If you need the Chinese version, just contact me directly.

From 10 o'clock until now, I have basically solved the problem of displaying important English text in Chinese. Some other places, such as the 404 page, still look better in their original form. I have fixed a small bug in the comment page and resolved the issue of incorrect user display and inability to log out.

Now the blog is basically set up successfully. The only thing missing is a TAG plugin and a subscription module, which I am currently searching for online.

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