Publish a music player plugin for WordPress that supports displaying a list.

Yesterday, I received a friend's request for a WP plugin development. My friend asked for a music player plugin that can run on the WordPress blog engine because he couldn't find suitable plugins online for his website needs. Naturally, CG accepted this task and below are the results for today.

CG used a popular WP plugin called Flash MP3 Player as a template for development, so the development speed was fast. I received the task yesterday and finished it this afternoon. However, because the provided plugin's player functionality was insufficient, my friend needed me to create a new music player to replace the original one. Luckily, I had previously made a plugin used in a music appreciation online course program, so I didn't have to develop the Flash player from scratch. The key was how to integrate the two during the development process.

FMP Plugin Information:

Contributors: Charles Donate link: Tags: audio,player,mp3,music,flash Requires at least: 2.5 Tested up to: 2.7 Stable tag: 9.3.31 description: This plugin is a sidebar widget which can show an mp3 player on your sidebar.

CG's modifications:

  1. This modification adds a more powerful player with support for large playlists and streaming buffering.
  2. This modification adds the ability to customize the appearance of the player. Users can choose the appearance and text display of their blog's player according to their needs.
  3. This modification adds partial control functions for the player, such as repeat play and volume control, and provides a music playback progress controller.
  4. This modification adds more backend management functions for the music player, such as controlling repeat and starting volume.
  5. Other fixes for the player to make it more stable.

Supports all versions of WordPress 2.6 - 2.8.

In addition, CG has provided a simple Chinese translation for some users. The source code is packaged into two versions, and everyone can freely choose.

English version: Chinese version:

You can see the plugin demonstration on the right side of my blog, hehe. Just install it according to the usual WP plugin installation method and set the widget display options in the widget settings.

The plugin is developed under the GNU GPL license, and everyone is welcome to download, modify, and distribute it. If you encounter any bugs or issues during use, please feel free to contact me.

Below are some screenshots: Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

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