The entire ASP source code of the school's distance education online course website.

Title: "ASP Source Code for School's Remote Education Network Course"
Date: "2009-03-28"

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It's been a long time since I wrote something. I don't know when I'll be able to finish my work. Today, I took some time to write something and also share a solution for a complete website of a network course, which can be considered as an RC version. When I say solution, it's actually just the source code for the entire website. It is currently being tested. Some features have been simplified because they were not required by the teacher who assigned me this project. If anyone takes the code and expands its functionality, please send me a copy. I appreciate it.

I'm just fulfilling my duty. Thank you, CG. If there is anyone skilled in graphic design, it would be great if they could improve the aesthetics. To be honest, I'm not sure if it's my taste or if times have changed, but I like it even if others don't. The key is that it's my creation.

"The Network Course ASP Version" (let's call it that for now) is based on ASP+Access+FSO+XMLDom, using VBscript for server-side scripting and JavaScript for client-side scripting. This is the most commonly used architecture for ASP websites. So, if you want to debug and run it, you'll need Access 2000 or above, FSO permissions; otherwise, you'll encounter a 500 error, which I won't solve. Currently, I'm using DW CS4 + 2K3 + IIS for my environment. I have also used netBOX for server environment debugging. On the client side, it works fine on IE6, 7, FF2, and 3. Currently, I'm providing preview code, and tomorrow I have to present the results to that XX. Tonight, I will make the final modifications. If anyone encounters any issues during debugging in the future, please contact me.

Here are the basic details:
Name: To be determined, for now let's call it "The Network Course ASP Version"
Platform: Windows 2003 + IIS
Other requirements: FSO + ODBC ADO4 + Access
Server-side scripting: ASP VBscript
Client-side scripting: JavaScript
Functionality: Mainly to implement simple teaching page display, online courseware presentation, online video playback, simple interaction between teachers and students, and provide a backend for managing teachers. The backend should include online editing pages and file editing management functionality.

Source code download link:

Demo link (free hosting, slow speed, feel free to test):

Education network demo link (only accessible within the school network), this is the final deployment version:

In the source code, all videos have been removed (only the playlist format is retained), and all online presentation files have been deleted. If anyone needs these files, please leave a message. The files are large, so they are not available for download.

The complete website solution includes the use of third-party free and open source code. Here are some examples, and I would like to express my gratitude:

  • ewebeditor: widely used online text editor
  • Devil Video Player: free FLV format online video player
  • sameShow's PPT to SWF converter and online SWF presentation tool (free evaluation version)

Additionally, some content is sourced from the internet and can only be used for educational purposes in schools, not for commercial purposes. Please be aware of this.

The source code is completely open and free. Feel free to download and redistribute it under the Creative Commons license. Please attribute it to Li Daren's blog.

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