C# and Flash Communication and Interaction Small Project Source Code

This is a small project I did during winter vacation, which implements interaction and mutual operation between .net and flash. I am now sharing it and hope that experts can provide feedback. I will explain the specific details later. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

This is a demo of the interaction between C# and flash. It uses flash's external API and XML communication. It can create, delete, and copy flash DisplayObjects using C#. It also supports functions such as zooming, shrinking, dragging, rotating, and transposing.

Windows XP sp3;
Visual Studio 2005;
.NET 2.0;
Flash CS3 Professional;
Flash Player 10 ActiveX;
ActionScript 3.0;


  1. If the flash control cannot be loaded, please make sure to register the corresponding ocx file. You can find it at the following path: "C.ocx". Adjust it according to your machine configuration.

  2. If there is an exception in the interaction of the flash control at runtime, please check the relevant file directory settings in the source program and make necessary modifications. If the issue persists, try regenerating the SWF file.

  3. All the materials used in this example are in the root directory. Please pay attention to the file location when debugging.

Below is the download link for the source code. Feel free to download and repost. Please indicate the source (, Li Daren's blog) when reposting.

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