Release the ASP source code for the beautified version of the school's online course website.

I completed the design of another teacher's online course this weekend. I finished today because I made modifications to a previous version, so it didn't take too much time. The main modifications can be seen in the appearance. CG found a template that was quite suitable. In addition, I made some changes to the backend functionality, but the overall structure didn't change much. Apart from that, I fixed some bugs, modified the database connection handling method, and drew inspiration from WP's design. I provided a 1-minute installation method, as long as you set a simple installation path. OK, however, because CG's time is limited (I have to review before 51), I removed some of the originally required content. However, CG will add them later as needed, so please pay attention.

Below is a preview image (click to view the full image):

?Below is the download link for the source code:

Li Daren's blog original, feel free to download. If you encounter any problems during use, please contact me. You can check the README file for specific deployment methods. For Education and Non-Commercial Use Only.

Finally, thanks to the theme author: David Herreman. You can download different themes at the following website:

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