Another PR update, PR officially rises to 3, Alexa remains stable.

When I came back tonight, I chatted with a friend on QQ and mentioned the recent PR update by Google. I opened my usual to check the situation. PR++, and then I also checked Alexa. It has been stable this week. Haha, it seems that CG's blog SEO plan has basically completed its mission. Currently, the keywords "CG" and "CG technology" have ranked in the top 20 on GG and Baidu. Haha, "CG" is just my nickname, and it doesn't have much to do with real CG animation technology. However, the major search engines are tolerant and haven't treated it as malicious SEO. CG would like to express gratitude by writing a few words here. However, binding two popular keywords together for SEO is also a simple SEO method. There is a famous case called the "Goldbach Conjecture." "Goethe" is a writer, "Bach" is a musician, and the combination results in a mathematician. This may be the true purpose of SEO. CG is just borrowing from it.

Next, let's talk about my own life. Today, I walked a long way with my classmate Kivi in the afternoon. Although it was a bit tiring, I was still very happy to see PR++. Kivi was disappointed today because the original sightseeing plan was ruined due to the urban renovation project in YC City. However, her purpose of coming out has been achieved. I don't know what she's thinking, haha. She used to stay up late, but today she fell asleep early. It seems to be effective.

Finally, regarding the question of who Kivi is and how she is related to CG, I think it's better for everyone to ask her in person, haha. Good night, everyone.

P.S. Recently, I have been studying a bit about PLY (Python Lex-Yacc) in Python. It's actually because of the pressure from the compiler theory course. CG is also helpless. I will upload the code soon. Python has entered the learning stage recently, and CG will spend time organizing and sharing study notes during this period. Stay tuned, everyone.

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