The graphic chart control Android-Charts for Android has been officially released.

Today is the official release of the Android graph chart control Android-Charts that was previously developed. Currently, screenshots and demo images have been added. The code and other content can be downloaded directly from Google Code and locally. CG continues to use APL2.0 as the licensing agreement for this release. Please use under this licensing agreement. Android developers who are interested in improving this component are also welcome to participate and improve it together.

Android-Charts is a set of graph chart controls developed by CG based on Java and Android development. Currently, this set of charts mainly includes the following components:

  1. Grid chart
  2. Line charts, including single line charts and multiple line charts
  3. Stick charts, including basic stick charts and special stick charts with support for displaying moving averages
  4. Candlestick charts, also known as K-line charts, with support for displaying moving averages
  5. Pie charts, including basic pie charts and segmented pie charts
  6. Radar charts or spider web charts, including area radar charts

For more details, please refer to CG's blog page

Local download link:

Project code management link:

Below are screenshots (with the control title in the top left corner):

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