Publish the source code of the completed school distance education online course project.

Recently, the school's online courses are undergoing project review and final completion work. CG is also very busy, and his blog is not being updated much. Please understand. Below is CG's recently completed source code package for online courses, which I would like to share with everyone. Feel free to download it. The source code is completely open and only includes files for some course content. If you need the complete online course, please contact me and I will provide the necessary production tools and demonstration files. You are welcome to download, repost, and share. I also welcome suggestions, modifications, and re-publication. If you need technical support, please email me. Additionally, it should be noted that because the online courses are part of a school project and funded by the school, some code and components are sourced from the internet and educational licenses. Therefore, after downloading, they can only be used for educational and personal research purposes, and not for commercial purposes. You can access all online course demonstrations on the homepage of Yancheng Normal University, but please note that it is only accessible within the education network and does not provide a public demonstration address.

Name: To be determined, for now, let's call it "Online Course ASP Version"
Platform: Windows 2003 + IIS
Other requirements: FSO + ODBC ADO4 + Access
Server-side script: ASP VBscript
Client-side script: JavaScript
Functionality: Mainly to implement simple teaching page display functionality, online courseware presentation functionality, online video playback functionality, simple interaction between teachers and students, and provide a backend for managing teaching assignments. The backend should include online editing pages and file management functionality.

The entire site uses the following freely available and open source code provided by third parties:

  • ewebeditor: Widely used online text editor
  • Devil Video Player: Free FLV format online player
  • sameShow PPT to SWF converter and online SWF presentation tool (free evaluation version)
  1. "Horticulture" online course build090323 source code download link: Demo screenshot (click to view):

  2. "Modern World History" online course build090426 source code download link: Demo screenshot (click to view):

  3. "History of the Relationship between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party" online course download link: Currently not available for download, CG will provide it soon. Demo screenshot (click to view):

  4. "Music Appreciation" online course build090517 source code download link: Demo screenshot (click to view):

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