Source code of a simple CRM system implemented in JAVA

Yesterday, CG had an interview at a local internet company in Yancheng. The process was similar to a typical company interview, starting with a discussion with the company's technical personnel, followed by a coding test. However, due to time constraints, only the ASP part was completed, and CG brought back the JAVA part to work on. This morning, after a busy morning, it was mostly completed. To be honest, CG's JAVA skills are still considered beginner compared to ASP or other languages. The implementation used Struts 1.2 + Hibernate 3, where Struts handled the presentation layer and Hibernate handled the data persistence layer. The source code is attached for everyone to download and share, and I hope experts can provide guidance.

The task is as follows:

Mainly implement the functions of adding, deleting, modifying, and querying customer information.

  1. The initial data entered by employees has a customer level of C.
  2. The data that employees need to enter includes:
    • Company Name: Yancheng Shehai Intelligent Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. (Weilong Electric)
    • Contact Person: Manager Dai
    • Position: Manager
    • Contact Phone: 82392939
    • Mobile Phone: 13982188388
    • Company Address: No. 18, Renmin West Road, Hede Town, Sheyang County
    • Customer Level: H
    • Website:
    • Main Intention: Website construction
    • Visit Record: Discussed website, considering
    • Visit Plan: Call again in a few days
    • Creation Time: 2009-5-9
    • Creator: Someone
  3. Customer classification is as follows:
    • Class A: Key customers
    • Class B: Potential customers
    • Class C: New customers
    • Class D: Shared customers
    • Class E: Baidu customers
    • Class F: Google customers
    • Class H: Non-promotional customers
  4. Detailed implementation of the query function:
    • Employees can find the information they want by customer name and customer level. The query based on customer name is a fuzzy query.
    • In the customer information interface viewed by administrators, only partial information of the customer is displayed. By clicking on "View Details", detailed information such as visit records and visit plans can be viewed.

Name: Simple Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System
Related Technologies: JAVA, Struts, Hibernate, JavaBean, JSP
Source Code Download Link:

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