Publish complete source code for a game designer based on C# and Flash communication.

The project for the student technology innovation fund application during winter vacation is now being released here and made available for everyone to download. The specific technical details will be published in the log later.

This is a brand new version designed and written by CG after a demonstration using flash and C# communication during the winter vacation of 2008. CG has made more detailed design and modifications to it, and it has been basically developed except for the writing of some documents.

Project Information:
Name: SU GameDesigner 2.0 (Version 1.0 is CSharpFLash)
Details: An interactive dynamic game designer based on .net3.0 + AS3 technology design, using C# and Flash communication technology design.

Development Environment:
Windows 2003 R2 sp2; MS Visual Studio 2008 + .net 3.5 sp1; flash CS3 Professional + Flex3 Professional; flashplay10 / 9 ActiveX; ActionScript3.0;

Runtime Environment:
Windows 2000 and above 32-bit Windows with .net framework 2.0 or above installed; In addition, in order to ensure the display effect of flash, a resolution of 1024 * 768 or above is required.

Note: The version provided currently is an installation version without a packaged .net, so you need to install the .net framework by yourself.

Running Effect:

Download Links:

Complete packaged version (including source code and packaged installation file, 2.8M, for developer)

InnoSetup packaged installation version (including design materials, suitable for installation and use, 1.2M, for user)

Complete source code package (only source code, does not include design materials, 300K)

Note: Before debugging the source code version, copy the entire [design materials] directory to the Debug or Release directory. When running separately, copy it to the root directory of the application.

For other questions, please refer to the Readme file or leave a message on CG's blog.

Feel free to download under an open license. Please indicate the source (, Li Daren's blog) when publishing or reposting.

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