Graduation project: Employee salary management system written in VB6.

Title: "Employee Salary Management System Graduation Project Written in VB6"
Date: "2009-03-17"

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After returning from Suzhou, I received a task from Kivi to write something similar to a Windows font dialog box using VB. I haven't touched VB for a while, but yesterday I organized my notebook computer and found the source code for a VB graduation project I did for my cousin. I have now uploaded it online to share with everyone. The code may not be very standardized, but the basic requirements have been implemented. It should be sufficient for a vocational school graduation project. If it is for a university project, some modifications may be needed. Additionally, the related documentation for this project may not be complete. If anyone needs it, they can contact me directly via email.

Kivi, if you are interested, you can download and take a look. You will be doing your graduation project soon, so good luck!

Brief description:

  1. Can search, add, delete, and modify employee information in a company.
  2. Can increase, adjust, and distribute employee salaries, as well as record all operations.
  3. Multi-user management system with user authentication and permission system.
  4. Log system to record management and operation records for reference.
  5. Basic accounting functions and Excel export function.

The download link for the source code is as follows:

The source code is completely open and available for download and modification under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License. Li Daren's blog retains the rights to the original version.
If the source code needs to be reproduced, please indicate that it is from Li Daren's blog.

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