Publish local beauty studio ASP website full source code

Continuing from the previous blog post, this time I am publishing the full source code of a recently completed website for a local beauty salon. Technically, it is based on ASP+Access. Additionally, due to the requirement of implementing popup display effects for the salon's showcase, I used relevant technologies from jQuery. Personally, I have always had a preference for jQuery, and the effects achieved are very satisfactory. Furthermore, the scrolling effect on the homepage is also implemented using jQuery, which you can see when testing.

Finally, the full source code of the salon showcase being published this time is freely available for everyone to download and use. Comments are also welcome.

As a side note, for this release, I have removed some copyrighted images from the salon and used relevant images from the internet instead. This does not affect the display or functionality, hehe.

Below are the relevant details of this release:

Name: Yancheng Mozhai Styling Studio Showcase Website
Development Platform: Windows 2003
Other Requirements: FSO + Access
Server-Side Script: ASP VBscript
Client-Side Script: JavaScript + jQuery

Source Code Download Link:

Username: admin Password: 123456


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