Publishing the complete source code of an ASP website for showcasing small and medium-sized service-oriented enterprises.

It's been a long time since I shared something with everyone. Today, I'm releasing something for everyone to share. What I'm releasing today is a complete website based on Asp+access. It was made by CG for a local landscape company two weeks ago. Recently, it was just requested by the client. Although it is a small and medium-sized service-oriented enterprise, the attitude of service-oriented enterprises is still quite headache-inducing. There are also a lot of requirements. Small and medium-sized service-oriented enterprises insist on making their websites look like those of large service-oriented enterprises. There's really no way around it. CG is now sharing the final released source code of the entire website with everyone for download. CG's blog has also published a lot of source code for the entire website. This time, the released source code is completely open, and everyone can download and use it freely. If you have any questions or bug reports about the program code, please leave a message.

The website development uses the simplest ASP platform, but this time CG used the backend that was previously used in the network course system, which is more mature in terms of writing. This is different from the backend display effect of the enterprise showcase website that CG previously released, but the content is still the same, hehe.

Name: Yancheng Tianhu Landscape Company Showcase Website
Development Platform: Windows 2003 + DW CS4
Other Requirements: FSO + Access
Server-Side Script: ASP VBscript
Client-Side Script: JavaScript
Demo Address:

Source Code Download Address:

Username: admin Password: 123456

Below is a preview:

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