ASP Website Full Source Code for Publishing Small and Medium Enterprise Product Exhibitions

It's been a long time since I shared and made something available for everyone to download. To be honest, CG has been quite busy lately. Our school organized a Java training course for us at a school in Changshu. I also went on a trip for a while. In the past week, due to some unilateral reasons from my alma mater, everyone who was attending the training here was in a state of panic. I didn't have the mood to focus on studying. Let me just criticize those stupid leaders from my alma mater.

Without further ado, today I am going to release a showcase website for a small company that CG recently worked on. The source code and the entire website content are provided for free download and use. Due to cost and client requirements, we only used simple ASP+Access to implement it. I believe the experts should be very familiar with it. Beginners can download it and study it, and if you have any questions, feel free to leave a message.

The main requirement of the client's website is to implement a showcase feature on the homepage. Since we need to consider the dynamic addition, deletion, and modification of showcase images, CG initially considered using FLASH to implement it, but obviously, the technical cost is not realistic. Therefore, we used jQuery and related open source code to achieve the desired display effect. When you deploy it, you will see that jQuery, as a lightweight development framework, is very suitable for handling this kind of problem. However, my own design skills are not that great, so it took several revisions before the client was satisfied. You can see that I had to build it multiple times before finally submitting it, haha, the client is God...

Development platform: Windows 2003 R2 + IIS 5.2 Other requirements: FSO + Access Server-side script: ASP VBScript Client-side script: JavaScript, jQuery Temporary demo address:[link revoked] Reference website:

Source code download link: Final version Below are other build versions that you can download for reference:

Backend: Username: admin Password: aaaaaa

Below is a preview of the final version:

Below is the earliest version, which was rejected by the client due to the use of pop-ups and jQuery effects. If you think it's necessary, you can download it for study: Image preview:

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